The Governing Body

The main role of the governors is one of monitoring and evaluation to support the Headteacher and staff of the school.  We help them to set and reach targets and to strive for excellence across the whole spectrum of school life. The key document used for this is the School Development Plan (SDP).


We have a legal responsibility to:

  • Ensure that the National Curriculum is followed
  • To oversee the school’s budget
  • Monitor the condition of the school buildings and grounds
  • To ensure that Special Educational needs are met


The Governing Body operates under a circle model whereby it meets at least once every (new) term. We sometimes set up committees or working groups to look at particular issues such as pay, performance management and buildings development. A small group (Headteacher, Governor responsible for Finance and the School Finance Officer) meets every month to keep an eye on school finances between our termly governor meetings. All governors are informed about what happens at these monthly finance meetings.

There are several categories of governor, appointed by different bodies that have an interest in the school. These are Foundation governors, Parent governors, Staff governors and TKAT governors.  All governors have equal status, however they were appointed.

Napier Primary Academy’s governors are committed to their goal of achieving an excellent learning environment for all pupils during their time at our school. They are focused not only on educational achievement but on the school’s core values, which are vitally important.

Governors and the Clerk mostly carry out their duties during evening meetings and may attend training sessions and seminars to help them do their job effectively. We also go into school to meet with the Headteacher, other members of staff and pupils to find out how the school is progressing towards its targets.

This Governing Body will monitor the performance of the school against the school objectives as previously described to ensure that we continue to perform to an outstanding level.

If you are interested in becoming a governor please contact the school office.

Name Role Term of Office Appointed by Business Interests Attendance % 
Mrs S Dillon   Chair of Governors

14/05/2015 to 13/09/2019 


Governing Body   100%
Mr J Harrison Vice Chair of Governors (Appointed)

22/03/2018 to 22/03/2022


Governing Body   100%
Mrs S Balderston Co-opted Community Governor

14/05/2015 to 13/09/2019 


Governing Body   90%
Mrs L Coccia Parent Governor   Governing Body   75%
Mr P Sargison Co-opted Community Governor

22/03/2018 to 22/03/2022

Governing Body   75%
Mrs D Heather Staff Governor



Governing Body   100%
Mr H Goldsmith Staff Governor



Governing Body   100%
Miss L Lynch Executive Headteacher 


Mr M Harris Head of School





Governors Date  
GOVERNANCE IMPACT STATEMENT.docx 23rd Nov 2018 Download