Sports Premium

The Department for Education advised, in April 2013, that funding (Sports Premium) would be allocated to schools to fund improvements to the provision of PE and sport. The funding is for the benefit of pupils aged 5-11 years old to help all pupils to develop healthy lifestyles, and to raise standards in physical skill and team games, in the wake of the 2012 Olympics.

At Napier we have specially qualified PE teachers to deliver our PE curriculum, alongside our teaching staff. They teach PE to a high level not only for physical and mental health benefits, but to teach children valuable social skills and discipline. We support children of all backgrounds and experience, pushing the higher ability children, and supporting those just starting to get in to sport. No child is excluded from the high level provision.

The PE & Sports funding received is further being used to provide additional lunchtime provision and provide a range of after-school and lunch-time clubs promoting participation and competence in a range of physical skills across sports.

Furthermore we have signed up to the Howard School Sports Partnership (HSSP), which provides training courses across sporting disciplines, to therefore teach PE more effectively. The partnership entitled us to Sports Leader training, where 12 children from year 6 were trained to deliver structured sports activities to the younger children at lunch times. It also allows us to enter the Mini-Youth Games series, where competitive sport is promoted in a safe, positive environment against local schools.

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