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Welcome to our school response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Whilst we have all been impacted by the disease as it sweeps the globe, it is important to continue to live our lives, learn, and laugh as we plot our route through this winding road of unknowns together.

Over the coming days and weeks you will find resources which you may find helpful to support home-learning, mental wellbeing, or Government information to help keep you safe and well.

We have also set our teachers a video challenge so you can all see what your teachers are up to! We hope you enjoy them.


To our wonderful Napier children,


We are sorry that we are not all in school together, learning in our classrooms as we normally would. We are all so incredibly proud of how you have dealt with the current situation and whilst it may seem like a bit of a crazy world right now, eventually everything will go back to normal. It is important that we try not to worry about the current situation but focus on the positives, where people are showing real kindness and compassion to one another. Of course it is not the most ideal situation, but all of your teachers have been working very hard to prepare fun learning activities for you to complete at home. Make sure you get your parents and carers to check your ‘Marvellous Me’ every day as we will be challenging you to complete some exciting English, maths and topic learning. 


We may be apart at the moment, however that will not stop us from ensuring that you continue to learn, progress and achieve to reach your amazing potentials. You are all so talented and creative so we look forward to seeing what you produce when you bring your work back to school. Also, don’t forget that you have opportunities to learn key skills at home too, like sewing, crafts, cooking (with adult supervision), gardening and other useful life skills. Use this time to learn something new and to appreciate what is so special and precious in the world that we live in.


Remember this time away from school won’t be for long and that we are always here for you. It is at this time that we can really pull together and show the Napier values which we show every single day in abundance. We all know how resilient you are to overcome any challenge put in front of you and we have seen your courage and compassion in the classroom, and on the playground. We miss you but please continue to shine and have aspirations as the unique and special individuals that you are. We know you won’t let us down!


See you all soon,

Mr Harris and all of the Napier teachers



Dave the Dog and Coronavirus

Dave the dog and his friends explore the coronavirus and the effect it is having on people and the community. Take a moment to read it to your children - it may help them to understand a little more and feel less anxious about the situation we all find ourselves in. Click the picture below to access this e-book or scroll to the bottom of the page and download.

Screenshot 2020 03 26 at 154301


Downloads Date  
Dave the dog coronavirus 1 1 book 26th Mar 2020 Download