Year 1 Topics of Learning

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Year 1 Whole School Project - Anthony Browne

Places far from here 

The Big Question:

Are we all the same?

Key Texts:

Giraffes can’t dance

Mary Seacole

Geography: Gambia – Africa – compare animals of different countries

Art: African Prints

Science: Seasons (Autumn) and Ourselves (compare children’s lives and children in Gambia)


Visit: Gillingham park visit (Anthony Browne)

Space Invaders

The Big Question:

Can I go to the moon?

Key Texts:

Man on the Moon

Whatever Next

Here Come the Aliens

History: Neil Armstrong/Tim Peaks(Re enact Apollo 11 moon landing through role play)

DT: Rockets

Science: Everyday materials

Visit:Greenwich Observatory/ Planetarium/ Space Day

PE: Astronaut training

Creatures of the Night

The Big Question:

How do we overcome our fears?

Key Texts:

Owl babies 

The owl who was afraid of the dark

Nocturnal Animals

Geography: Compare contrasting locality – types of owls – Map of woodland note possible habitats of owls

Art: Owl and tree collage 
Artist -  Matisse

Seasons (Spring)

Animals including humans

Forest school build owl nest


Visit: Eagle Heights/ Birds brought in to school experience

Toy Story

The Big Question:

Why do things change overtime?

Key Texts:

Traction Man

Toy Story 

History of toys – toys then and now – See visit to Hall Place

DT: Make and Design a Stuffed Toy (linked with Science)

Science: Animals including humans

Forest school: Toys have escaped to the forest
Link to Literacy Adventure in forest

Visit: Hall place – Victorian toy workshop/ Toy museum Penshurst Place and Gardens

The Land Before Time

The Big Question:

What came before?

Key Texts:

Cave Babies

History: Neolithic Age

Art: Cave Paintings

Seasons (Summer) 

Science: Plants

Forest school:

Create caves in woodland

Tell stories

Fossil hunt
    Cooking on fire

Visit: The Natural History Museum

Larger than Life

The Big Question:

Is it important to belong?

Key Texts:

Smartest Giant in Town

Geography: UK capital cities

Computing: We are Town Planners

Science: Seasons and Plants


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