Year 2 Topics of Learning

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Year 2  Whole School Project - Anthony Browne

Places far from here 

The Big Question:

Can there be life without water?

Key Texts:

Barack/Michelle Obama

Lila and the Secret of the Rain 

Geography: Kenya – African climate comparison to UK

Art: Watercolour Paintings

Science: Animals including humans – what we need to survive?

Forest school: Bug Hunters

Visit: Gillingham park visit (Anthony Browne)

London’s Burning 

The Big Question:

What can we learn from past mistakes?

Key Texts:

The Great Fire of London

History: The Great Fire of London

DT: Make houses

Science: Materials

Forest school:  Fires in the Forest (water chains and problem solving)


Visit: London Fire Brigade Museum/ Monument of London

Rumble in the Rainforest

The Big Question:

Who has more power:
humans or nature?

Key Texts:

The Great Kapok Tree


Geography: Rainforest 

Forest school: deforestation
Compare and contrast woodland to rainforest
Food chains in the forest 

Art: Jungle Art 
Artist - Henri Rousseau

Science: Living things and their habitats


Visit: London Zoo

Twisted Traditional Tales (Nina Birch)

The Big Question:

Are things always as they seem?

Key Texts:

Pea and the Princess

Not now Bernard 

Science: Plants

DT: Food Fit for Royalty

Forest school: Planting in woodlands
Plant identification
Create own plant indexes

Sats Preparation

The Deadly Plot

The Big Question:

What came before?

Key Texts:

The Gunpowder plot

History: The Gunpowder

Art: Pastel flames and black silhouette

Science: Plants

Visit: Museum trip- Gunpowder Plot exhibition

Dungeons and Dragons

The Big Question:

Is it better to be bigger?

Key Texts:

George and the Dragon

Hungry Caterpillar

Three Billy Goats Gruff

How to train a dragon

History: Castles

Computing: We are Dragon Trainers  

Forest School: inside – create dungeon in forest or  hall

Science: Living things and their habitats – food chains

Visit: Leeds Castle


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