Year 3 Topics of Learning

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Year 3  Whole School Project - Anthony Browne

Places far from here 

The Big Question:

What does it mean to be equal?

Key Text:

Fly Eagle Fly 

Rosa Parks 

Martin Luther King

Geography: Ghana - Africa

Art: African Sunset Skylines
Artist  Niki Daly (Fly Eagle Fly Illustrator)

Forest school: compare and contrast woodland with Aftrican birds habitat


Science: Light

Visit: Gillingham park visit (Anthony Browne)

What lies Beneath

The Big Question:

What lies beneath?

Key Text:


DT: A Bite-size Meal (Design and make a snack)

Geography: Volcanos

Computing: We are Bug Fixers

Science: Rocks

Forest school: Create incident   - Krindlekrax sighting and search for evidence

Natural History Museum


Natural History Museum

The Mummy Returns

The Big Question:

Who were the Egyptians?

Key Text:


Should family come first?

Isis and Osiris 

History: Ancient Egypt

Art: Canopic Jars (spring 1)

DT: Sarcophagus  (spring 2)

Science: Forces and Magnets

Forest school: Isis and Osiris body part hunt – orienteering 


Visit: British Museum/ Museum of Maidstone Egyptian exhibition

Vicous Vikings
793 -1066

The Big Question:

What came before?

Key Text:

How To Train Your Dragon

History: Vikings Invaders

Art: Viking jewellery and craftwork

Forest school: Viking raid in woodland 
Shelter building – building defences

Science: Plants

Visit: Workshop in school Portals to the Past

Viking Ship Hugin Ramsgate

Forever Friends

The Big Question:

Do animals have a voice?

Key Text:

Charlotte’s Web


Geography: Field work 

Science: Animals, including humans

Forest / meadows- Planting 

Visit: to Kelsies farm/
Godstone Farm/ Wingham Wildlife Park



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