Year 4 Topics of Learning

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Year 4  Whole School Project - Anthony Browne

Places far from here 

The Big Question:

What is the impact of change?

Key Texts:

Butterfly Lion

Nelson Mandela

History: Nelson Mandela- changes he made to history and the impact that has on us today. 

Art: The ‘Chalk’ Lion

School grounds: large scale chalk art. 
Suggest changes and improvements to their piece of art and the impact it will have. 

Science: Animals including humans (food chains)

Visit: Gillingham park visit (Anthony Browne)

Homeward Bound

The Big Question:

Where is home?

Key Texts:

The Mousehole Cat

Coming home

Geography: Journeys  - Local Geography Fieldwork 

Forest school: orienteering course

Computing: We are Software Developers

Science: Sound

Visit: Local fieldwork opportunity

Eco- Warriors

The Big Question:

Why is he here?
Is it right to always follow?

Key Texts:

Iron Man 

What are we doing to our world?

War on Plastic

Geography: Environmental changes

Science: Habitats (spring 1)

Forest school: Woodland habitats

Science: States of matter (spring 2)

DT: Design a robot


Visits: Local park for bird feeders and mini beast hotels. 

Ruthless Romans

The Big Question:

What came before?

Key Texts:

Romulus and Remus 

History: Romans

Art: Mosaics & Shields

School grounds: archaeological dig 
Gladiators in the forest 

Science: Animals, including humans (digestion and teeth)

Visit: Dover Roman House Portals to the Past/ Museum of London- Romans

Incredible Inventions

The Big Question:

Can a person live forever?

Key Texts:

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

History: Significant British Inventions

DT: Make a wind up elastic toy/ invent a gadget that uses electricity.

School grounds: Robot races

Science: Electricity

Visit: The Science Museum


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