Year 5 Topics of Learning

  First 2 Weeks of Learning Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 & 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 5  Whole School Project - Anthony Browne

Places far from here 
(Nina Birch)

The Big Question:

Is it better to work alone or together?

Key Texts:

Harriet Tubman-NF

Geography: America

Art: Aerial map collage linked to slave escape route

Forest school: Escape from the forest 

Science: Forces- link to HT journey – water resistance

Visit: Gillingham park visit (Anthony Browne)

One Giant Leap

The Big Question:

What else is out there?

Key Texts:


One Giant Leap

Earth and Space 

Art: Jackson Pollock  and Marblingand Chalk and paint moons

Computing: We are Games Developers

Science: Earth and Space and

Visit: Science Museum (iMax)/Astrodome

It’s all Greek to me 

The Big Question:

What are the Ancient Greeks famous for?

Key Texts:

Ancient Greece 

Where does temptation lead us?

The Adventures of Odysseus

Greek Myths – Theseus and the Minotaur 

History: Ancient Greece

Art: Greek Mask (Papiermaiche)

DT: Land yachts/ wooden horse linked to Trojan horse (link to materials in science)

Spring 1 Science: Living Things

Spring 2 Science: Materials – (Part 1)


Visit: Wide Horizons Centre on Shooters Hill as part of science unit on Living things/Workshop- Portals to the past 
British Museum

From Rags to Riches

The Big Question:

What came before?

Key Texts:

Street Child

History: Victorians

Art: One-point Perspective

Science: Evolution and inheritance

Visit: V and A museum with workshop 


The Big Question:

What does it mean to be safe?

Key Texts:

The Falcons Malteser

Geography: Local Fieldwork 

DT: Alarm System

Science: Materials – Part 2

Visit: Local walk following a map


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