Year 2

In Year 2, the children continue to consolidate and build upon their learning experiences from Reception to Year 1. They become increasingly independent in their learning through the broad range of activities on offer. 

Children in Year 2 continue to follow a creative topic-based curriculum, which is carefully inter-linked with a daily diet of English and Mathematics.

In English and Mathematics the children progress through the steps of the National Curriculum in Key Stage 1, striving towards learning at greater depth. In English, they are introduced to comprehension skills through a range of texts and have opportunities to develop their creative minds through a variety of genre. We follow the Talk4Wrtiting and Talk4Reading initiatives to develop the children's understanding of key writing and reading skills. Take a look at the Literacy page for an in-depth insight into our whole school Literacy programme.


Mathematics lessons build upon the children’s knowledge with a balance of practical and recorded activities. Opportunities to extend their knowledge and understanding of numbers through problem solving activities are regularly given.

The opportunities offered to the children in Year 2 provide them with a wealth of learning experiences and development as an individual in preparation for their transition to Year 3, which is smooth and seamless.