Year 3

Napier Primary and Nursery Academy aims through its curriculum to develop basic skills and build up knowledge, to stimulate a child's capacity to think, to draw out the full potential of a child in all aspects, and to cater for moral, social, emotional, aesthetic and physical development.

To accomplish these aims, a wide-ranging syllabus is followed which includes English, Maths, Science, Computing, Spanish, History, Geography, Music, Art & DT, and Physical Education.


We aim to help children develop fully as rounded individuals with a strong sense of our core values:


The curriculum in Year 3 has essential elements in promoting these values across the school and in our daily lives. We encourage children to make a positive contribution within our school and the wider community, to value themselves and others and to understand their rights and responsibilities. Mutually rewarding relationships are the heart of the ethos of the school.
Children learn about how to maintain healthy lifestyles, how society is organised and actively participate in the democratic process that leads to the elected school council. Children learn to appreciate what it means to be positive member of an international, diverse and multicultural community.