Governors' Impact Statement


2017-18 was a year of much change and transition for Napier. In September 2017, TKAT appointed Miss L Lynch as Executive Headteacher, who in turn, appointed Mr M Harris as Head of School.

Effective governance

Having streamlined the governing body to just six full meetings a year, full day visit every term, the work of the governing body has become more efficient and focused, with all governors contributing to decision making in all areas. This approach has given the governors additional resilience and an added overall knowledge base supporting our work. 

Governors understand their responsibilities and continue to monitor their own training requirements to meet specific roles and accountabilities through training or through recruiting governors with specific skills.


The governors of Napier hold to the schools vision of the moral principle of doing what is best for the pupils, and aiming to raise the attainments of all pupils to the highest level possible. As a result, the creation of the school vision, aims and values have been embedded across the school. 


There has been much work to do to consider the impact of budget cuts and manage the 3 year forecast to ensure the school does not run at a deficit.  The appointment of a new Finance Manager, as part of the MATs 'shared services scheme', has enabled governors to keep a clear track of income and expenditure and to ensure that budget targets have been met. Questions from governors have been carefully followed up from meeting to meeting. 

Staffing structures

Following the appointment of Miss Lynch, to the role of  Executive Headteacher Napier, the governors agreed role descriptions for the Executive Headteacher and the Head of School. They continue to monitor the extent to which these role descriptions are helpful and fit for purpose.

Governors agreed a proposal for restructuring the school office and administrative systems. As a result, respective roles and responsibilities have been made clearer.


The establishment of an Executive Headteacher for Napier has facilitated helpful sharing of expertise and training, particularly for middle managers, who are having a more evident impact on improving the quality of learning and teaching in classrooms.

School Improvement

Governors have received regular and detailed reports on progress with the schools' improvement plan and continue to ask probing and relevant questions. They have explored, for example, differences between Pupil Premium and Non-Pupil Premium children, the progress of different year groups and progress in reading, writing and maths. This has been in the context of overall improved outcomes for our pupils. 

Governors have adopted a termly, full day visit, where all governors are able to focus on areas of responsibility and observe teaching and Learning and behaviour.

Governors consider visits as a valuable opportunity to be able to work closely with staff members, track pupil progress, and seek pupil’s feedback on school improvement strategies.

Policies and procedures

The new joint governing body has set in place a clear programme for reviewing key policies and procedures, such as safeguarding. The impact of this is yet to be established but governors are confident that this will better facilitate their monitoring of the schools’ effective implementation of policies and procedures.

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