Year 2

Year 2


Autumn 2 

Spring 1 

Spring 2 

Summer 1 

Summer 2

Theme Focus

Kindness and Friendship 

Equality and Diversity: A day in the life 

Blast from the Past: The Great Fire 

The Environment: The rumble in the  rainforest

Places: Here and There: Twisted and  traditional tales

Human Rights: The sinking of the  


Big Question

What is the impact of kindness? 

Are we all the same? 

What can we learn from the past? 

Why must we look after our world? 

Where could I go? 

What are our rights?

Core Text

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The  Horse

Lila and the Secret of Rain 

Toby and the Great Fire of London 

The Kapok Tree 

The Pea and the Princess 

Not Now Bernard 

Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig The true story of the three little pigs George and the Dragon

If you were a kid aboard the Titanic


Living Things and their Habitats 

Does every living thing need a habitat?

Healthy animals: How do we stay  healthy?

Everyday Materials- Materials Matter How many different materials can a  material have?

Living Things and their habitats 

Gardens and Allotments 

Can we farm our own food?

Everyday materials- Materials matter: Why are objects made from different  materials?


How do plants disperse their seeds?



The Great Fire of London 



UK focus: weather, physical features,  human features, map work and field  work.

Titanic class systems



Kenya: World geography– African  climate, compare to the UK




Art/Design/Emotional Arts


Kindness Tile 

Observational drawing and  

watercolour work inspired by ‘music  sheet’ from core text


How do Kenyans represent their  culture? 

Kenyan tribal jewellery


What did London look like after the great  fire of London? 

Plan, design and make safer buildings to  prevent tragedy again in London.


How has Henry Rousseau brought the  rainforest to life? 

Henry Rousseau


What Are the features of a protective  castle? 

Making Castles


Food technology 

Food for different classes – how were  meals different aboard the Titanic?

Personal,social, health and economic

Kindness, friendship, and  


Relationships: My emotions 


Health and Wellbeing: Keeping myself  safe 

Living in the Wider World: Working  together/Looking after finances

Health and Wellbeing: Healthy Lifestyles 

Living in the wider world- Rights, Rules  and Responsibilities


Digital Safety – I can explain why I  need to keep my password and  personal information private. 

We are photographers

Digital Safety – I know there may be  negative content online that might  upset me or others. 

We are water hunters

Digital Safety – I can describe the things  that happen online that I must tell an  adult about. 

We are researchers

Digital Safety – I can talk about why I  should go online for a short amount of  time. 

We are zoologists

Digital Safety – I can talk about why it is  important to be kind and polite online  and in real life. 

We are gamers

Digital Safety – I know that not everyone  is who they say they are on the Internet. 

We are detectives


GTU (spatial awareness games) 

Dance (water) 

Gymnastics Pathways 

Dance (water) 

Ball Skills (hands 2) 



Naming ceremonies 

Important people and Christmas 

Special books 

Special places and Easter 

Wonderful world 

Wonderful world