Year 1

Year 1


Autumn 2 

Spring 1 

Spring 2 

Summer 1 

Summer 2

Theme Focus

Kindness and Friendship 

Equality and Diversity: On the  


Blast from the Past: Toy Story 

The Environment: Spirit of the  


Places: Here and There: Space Invaders 

Human Rights: I have a Dream

Big Question

What is the impact of kindness? 

Are we all the same? 

What can we learn from the past? 

Why must we look after our world? 

Where could I go? 

What are our rights?

Core Text

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox, and The  Horse

Giraffes Can’t Dance 

Traction Man 

The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark/  Owl Babies 

The Tree Lady

Man on the Moon / Whatever Next /  Here Come the Aliens

We March 

Amazing Grace


Animals including humans- senses 

Everyday materials 

Can we always fix what’s broken?

Animals including humans: Our pets Can all animals be kept as pets?

Seasonal Changes 

Why is the weather so wonderful?

Everyday Materials- Let’s build! 

How many properties do materials  have?

Plants: What’s growing in our gardens?



The national history of Toys (Victorian to  modern day)


Moon landing (Neil Armstrong/ Tim  Peake)

America in the 1960’s (Rosa Parks/Martin  Luther King)



The World- focus on Tanzania, Africa 


Physical and human features of our  local geography (countries of the UK)


Art/Design/Emotional Arts


Kindness Tile 

Observational drawing and  

watercolour work inspired by ‘music  sheet’ from core text



Wax resist African pattern – Sarah  Shiundeu 


What were toys like in the past? 

Design and make a toy from the past 


How can we use natural materials to  create a collage


What could I use to travel on the moon? Design and make a Moon Buggy 


Human Rights art- shade and light, colour  and hope (Rosa Parks/Martin Luther King)

Personal,social, health and economic

Kindness, friendship, and  


Living in the Wider World: Diversity and  communities 

Relationships: Anti-bullying

Relationships: Friends and family 

Relationships: Changes 

Health and Wellbeing: Keeping my body  healthy

Health and Wellbeing: Personal safety


Digital Safety - I can keep my  

passwords private 

We are Painters

Digital Safety – I can tell you what  personal information is  

We are collectors

Digital Safety – I can tell an adult when I  see something unexpected or worrying  online 

We are treasure hunters

Digital Safety – I can talk about why it’s important to be kind and polite online 

We are TV chefs

Digital Safety – I can recognise an age  appropriate websites and games 

We are Storytellers 

Digital Safety- I can agree and follow  sensible e-safety rules 

We are Celebrating


Changing/ Gymnastics - body parts 

Ball Skills (hands 1) 

Ball skills (feet 1) 

Dance - growing 

Ball Skills (hands 2) 

Athletics/Sports day prep




The boyhood of Jesus 


Who was Noah and other Important  People?

Special Things