Year 5

Year 5


Autumn 2 

Spring 1 

Spring 2 

Summer 1 

Summer 2

Theme Focus

Kindness and Friendship 

Equality and diversity: Gender Equality 

Blast from the Past: From Rags to Riches 

The Environment: Great Greta 

Places: Here and There: Ancient Greece 

Human Rights: The Underground  Railroad

Big Question

What is the impact of kindness? 

Are we all the same? 

What can we learn from the past? 

Why must we look after our world? 

Where could I go? 

What are our rights?

Core Text

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the  Horse

Bill’s New Frock 

The Boy in the Dress

Street Child 

Greta and the Giants 

Earth Stories

The Adventures of Odysseus 

Harriet Tubman


Living things and their habitats: How  are all life cycles the same?

Forces- May the Forces be with you:  Why are forces so important?

Properties of materials: Can you make an  object out of any material?

Animals including Humans: How do we  change as we grow?

Earth and Space: What is Space? 

Changes of materials: Can all physical  changes be reversed?



History: Discrimination 

Human Geography: Global view on  women’s rights and opportunities

Local History: The Victorians 


World History: Ancient Greece




Global geography: climate  

change/irreversible changes


Geography of America (railroad)

Art/Design/Emotional Arts


Kindness tile 

Analysis of illustrations, photography,  observational drawing, watercolour  scene in style of illustrator


Designing a gender-neutral school  uniform- make a prototype, gather pupil  voice, and evaluate


What was Victorian street life like? Bringing ‘Street Child’ into modern times and linking to homelessness awareness.  Graffiti art focusing on Banksy and his  political messages.


Dream-like watercolour pieces taking  inspiration from Sam Cannon’s work.  Observational drawings of trees and  colour mixing focus- add text which links  text and big question


Design, make and evaluate a Trojan Horse  to include a moveable part


America and gun violence. 

Watercolour and collage.

Personal,social, health and economic

Kindness, friendship, and  


Living in the Wider World: Diversity and  Communities 

Relationships: Anti-bullying

Health and Wellbeing: Drug education Relationships: Relationships Education

Health and Wellbeing: Managing  Change

Relationships: Family and Friends 

Living in the wider world- Diversity and  communities part 2 

Relationships: Personal Safety


Digital Safety – I can explain why I  need to protect myself  

(passwords/personal information) and  my friends and the best ways to do  this, including reporting concerns to  an adult. 

We are artists

Digital Safety – I can talk about the  dangers of spending too long online or  playing a game. 

We are web developers

Digital Safety – I know that anything I post  online can be seen, used and may affect  others. 

We are gamers

Digital Safety – I can explain the  

importance of communicating kindly  and respectfully online. 

We are bloggers

Digital Safety – I can discuss the reasons  why there are age restrictions on social  media and some websites or games. 

We are architects

Digital Safety – I can explain why I need  to protect my computer or device from  harm and which resources on the  Internet I can safely download and use. 

We are communicators




Tag Rugby 

Seated Volleyball 


Athletics/Sports day prep




People of God