Year 3

Year 3


Autumn 2 

Spring 1 

Spring 2 

Summer 1 

Summer 2

Theme Focus

Kindness and friendship 

Equality and Diversity: I cannot help  where I’m born

Blast from the past: The Mummy Returns 

The Environment: Under the Surface 

Places: Here and There: African  


Human Rights: The Golden Age of Islam

Big Question

What is the impact of kindness? 

Are we all the same? 

What can we learn from the past? 

Why must we look after our world? 

Where could I go? 

What are our rights?

Core Text

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the  Horse

Silence Seeker 

My name is not Refugee

Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx 


Fly Eagle Fly 

Malala and the Magic Pencil 

The Proudest Blue


Animals including humans- keeping  healthy

Forces and Magnets: How and why do  magnets stick together?

Light: Can there be a shadow without  light?

Rocks: What would the world be like  without rocks and minerals?

Plants- roots and shoots: Can you build  a Space farm?

Plants: Flower Power: What would a  world without flowers look like?



World history: Ancient Egypt 


Early Islamic Civilisation



The World (areas of conflict) 


Mountains, Volcanoes and Earthquakes 

Diverse world area: Ghana


Art/Design/Emotional Arts


Kindness tile 

Analysis of illustrations, photography,  observational drawing, watercolour  scene in style of illustrator


Cityscape around an eye filled with the  countryside 

Art from exile: Syrian refugees find their  voices through art’ 

‘Dream of City through the eye of  women- Gulnar Hajo


What did the Egyptians believe about  death? 

Sarcophagus – clay


Observational pencil drawings inspired  by Tim Jeffs- pattern and shading to add  detail and depth


Kente paper cloth- put together to  make class Ghanaian traditional dress


Designing freedom posters using collage  and typography using inspiration from  artist Nina Chael Abney

Personal,social, health and economic

Kindness, friendship, and  


Living in the wider world- Diversity and  communities 

Relationships: Anti-bullying

Health and wellbeing: Drug Education 

Health and Wellbeing: Personal health  and safety

Relationships: Managing change 

Relationships- Family and friends 


Digital Safety – I can talk about what  makes a secure password and why  they are important. 

We are videographers

Digital Safety – I can protect my  

personal information and use the safety  features of websites when I do different  things online. 

We are analysts

Digital Safety – I can recognise websites  and games appropriate for my age. 

We are animators

Digital Safety – I can make good choices  about how long I spend online. 

We are network engineers

Digital Safety – I can consider the effect  of my online actions on others. 

We are communicators

Digital Safety – I can post positive  

comments and display respectful  

behaviour online 

We are programmers


GTU (football) 


Tag Rugby 

Problem solving (OAA) 




Rules and Religion 

Light at Christmas 

Special clothes 

Prayer and worship 

Religion and the environment