Year 6

Year 6


Autumn 2 

Spring 1 

Spring 2 

Summer 1 

Summer 2

Theme Focus

Kindness and friendship 

Equality and Diversity: There are no  disabilities, only abilities

Blast from the Past: We’ll Meet Again 

The Environment: London Calling 

Places: Here and There: Temple of Doom 

Human Rights: I am a Refugee

Big Question

What is the impact of kindness? 

Are we all the same? 

What can we learn from the past? 

Why must we look after our world? 

Where could I go? 

What are our rights?

Core Text

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the  Horse


Rose Blanche 

Goodnight Mr Tom

The London Eye Mystery 

The Sad Night 

Aztec News

The boy at the back of the class


Animals including humans- the art of  being human: Why is a healthy   lifestyle important?

The science of sport: How does science  influence sports?

Light: Why do we need light? 

Electricity: How can you adapt electrical  circuits?

SATs- Evolution and inheritance: What can  we learn from fossils?

KS3- Living things and their habitats classification: Why do we need to  classify?



Local History: Kent/Medway during World  War 2


World History- The Aztecs 

KS3 transition project- migration



The World (Globalisation) 

Human- disability  


Global issue in being disability inclusive.


Local Geography- fieldwork, rivers, and  population- where to build new Eye


Art/Design/Emotional Arts


Kindness tile 

Analysis of illustrations, photography,  observational drawing, watercolour  scene in style of illustrator


‘Wonder’ themed. How can we  

represent unique individuals through  art? Use inspiration of artist Kimmy  Cantrell and her unconventional  

portraits. Observational drawings of  self-portrait- colour mixing and  



Henry Moore/James Dietz and Paul Nash – How can war look? 

Perspective drawing and effective use of  paint. Focus on Blitz scenes/war time  scenes. 

Add paint to add detail and depth.


Can we design a sustainable landmark? Design and make a Medway Eye with a  moving part using a circuit.


Aztec masks- How do the Aztecs represent  their beliefs? 

Research, design, create and evaluate  papier-Mache/modrock masks. 

Pattern- decorate using mosaic form


Refugee art inspired by art from ‘Art  from Exile’ exhibition- Hiba Aizouq.  Mixed media creating their own  


Personal,social, health and economic

Kindness, friendship, and  


Relationships: My emotions 

Living in the Wider World: Working  together 

Health and Wellbeing: Managing Risk/  Safety contexts

Health and Wellbeing: Drug Education Relationships: Anti-bullying

Living in the Wider World: Financial  Capability 

Relationships: Families

Health and Wellbeing: Healthy Lifestyles Relationships: SRE


Digital Safety – I can explain the  consequences of sharing too much  about myself online. 

We are computational thinkers

Digital Safety – I support my friends to  protect themselves  

(passwords/personal information) and  make good choices online, including  reporting concerns to an adult. 

We are publishers

Digital Safety – I can explain the  

consequences of spending too much time  online or on a game. 

We are network technicians

Digital Safety – I can explain the  

consequences to myself and others of  not communicating kindly and  


We are advertisers

Digital Safety – I protect my computer or  device from harm on the Internet. 

We are travel writers

Digital Safety – I understand that I am a  targeted consumer of information  online and that search engines rank,  select and target information. 

We are adventure gamers


GTU Basketball 


Tag Rugby 


Seated Volleyball


Sports day prep







Kingdom of God.